Revolutionize the future of your After-Sales

Service Qube revolutionizes after-sales, combining advanced technology and simplicity to optimize service and digitization for industrial companies and Ho.Re.Ca.

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Digitize and transform your After-Sales

Service Qube transforms after-sales into an advanced digital ecosystem. It is a platform that breathes new life into after-sales, offering modularity, readiness, and customization.

Thanks to our digital services, you can sell maintenance subscriptions to your customers, unlocking a world of cost savings and recurring profit.

Innovative Solutions of Service Qube

Take efficiency to new heights with Service Qube. Leverage cutting-edge technology and tailored support, all accessible through an intuitive interface that simplifies every action. Bring innovation to your after-sales, optimize your operations, and maximize customer satisfaction.

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Service Qube
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The Service Revolution in the Ho.Re.Ca. Sector. How Orved elevated after-sales standards

Service Qube for Your Industry

No matter your industry, Service Qube can help you generate recurring profits through Servitization.

The benefits for your business

Service Qube is not just a service portal but a universe of specialized skills that enrich the user experience and optimize your business. With Service Qube, you ensure a smooth and profitable change thanks to our modular architecture and targeted onboarding path.

Information at your fingertips

Centralize data and processes in a single access point, streamlining maintenance and accelerating decisions.

Increase customer autonomy

Give your customers the freedom to self-manage, elevating service effectiveness and equipment uptime.

New business models

Open your company to new business strategies with advanced services that generate revenue and enhance the value of your work.

Why Choose Service Qube

For its uniqueness! Quick activation and seamless integration with your business processes. A portal that makes modularity and immediacy its core values, ensuring security, support, and self-service through an intuitive QRCode-based system.

Would you like to digitize your after-sales service?

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